General Declutter

With three children and two grown ups under one small roof the ‘stuff’ was beginning to take over. It reached the point where I knew I couldn’t regain control be myself – I’ve never been any good at being minimal, so I called in Katie.

Katie is amazing! She is punctual, and so organised from the moment she arrives; no time is wasted. We talked about what I wanted to achieve and she was sympathetic to the way I wanted to get there, I’m sure I could have been far more ruthless but I was learning a new skill and needed to be cautious!

By the end of the day we had achieved great things. I was consulted throughout and was in control of every decision and felt quite empowered by the end of the day. I felt so good about what we had achieved that I booked in another session and we did it again 🙂

I feel in control of my home again and the children and I are more aware of how to maintain a happy home (and mummy as a result). Everyone’s a winner.

I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Katie – she’s a lot like Mary Poppins; good for the home and the soul…Laura, Winchester

Moving House – Downsizing

My natural instinct is to keep something rather than throw it away. Over the years I have developed a talent for squirrelling things away so that on the surface my house appears to have a sense of order but lurking in the drawers and cupboards is loads of ‘stuff’ which, if I am honest, 80% of I don’t look at or use on a regular basis.

My decision to make a long distance move to West Wales from Hampshire has brought my ‘stuff’, or the amount of it, into sharp focus, especially after higher than expected quotes for removals. I felt I couldn’t tackle sorting through it on my own as I didn’t know where to start, so contacted Let’s Get Organised for help.

After an initial consultation, we worked through my house cupboard by cupboard, room by room, sorting through all my possessions in an organised, practical, yet sensitive way. Let’s Get Organised helped me decide which things made me truly happy or were most useful and those I had just been hanging onto for the sake of it. They provided me with a very professional and supportive approach offering really helpful suggestions for storage, including introducing me to vac-pac bags for clothes and bedding; and ideas like scanning photos and old letters to save on space. With their brilliant help and support my house feels lighter, tidier and I feel calmer and ready for the big move ahead of me. Thank you so much – I can’t recommend your service highly enough. Mrs R Davies, Ringwood, Hampshire

General Declutter

I recently found myself with a sick husband and facing the possibility of having to move. This meant I had to clear a lifetime of clutter from overflowing cupboards and was wasting time searching for things I couldn’t find because it was impossible for everything to fit into the storage I had. My plan was to take a room at a time but there was never enough time to start and finish a job before having to do something else and despite trips to the tip and charity shop I wasn’t getting anywhere. I’d read about how decluttering   Businesses we’re growing in popularity in the States and in desperation one day I asked Google for help and found a number of listings. I rang Katie who immediately arranged to come and visit.
Katie is a lovely person and although I felt sure she’d tell me the job was beyond her she was not phased at all and we arranged when she’d start. In no time she had made amazing progress and a job I’d never have been able to do on my own was done, clutter was gone.  She was  never ever bossy or critical but very down to earth and unbelievably efficient.  Now with every cupboard neat and tidy with a place found for everything, I feel I have my life back and am determined to keep on top of things and stop being a hoarder. Keeping stuff “just in case” isn’t going to happen any more! and I shall always be grateful for Katie’s help. Carol, Poole

Whole House Declutter

Feeling overwhelmed with stuff, of my own and late parents, and not knowing which way to turn, a voice in my head said, ” turn to the professionals” So, googling, I discovered the wonderful Katie who came to my rescue.

She is very empowering and unthreatening, and very quickly got on my wavelength. We moved mountains together, (Katie doing the donkey work) which was marvellous, and I am delighted with the progress made and her lovely manner. I have already recommended her to many friends who are queuing up!! Thanks to Katie’s hard work, I now feel much more in control of life and am enjoying my space with a new vision. Maggie, Broadstone