Terms & Conditions

These terms and conditions apply to the organising and decluttering services provided to you “the client” by “Let’s Get Organised”.

Confidentiality and privacy

Let’s Get Organised provides a fully confidential service and will not disclose any information to third parties without the client’s approval. Let’s Get Organised is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under registration reference: ZA238659 and adheres to their regulations that protect your personal information.

If the client is kind enough to give a testimonial, comment and/or photographs they will be used only with the client’s knowledge and written consent.

For Health & Safety reasons, a member of Let’s Get Organised will know where staff are located on all projects at all times. 

The working day

Let’s Get Organised will only charge for hours worked to the nearest 15 mins, it is not always possible to anticipate how long exactly each project will take.  Therefore, it is agreed that hours charged will match hours worked each day, from arrival to departure (and not for a lunch break should the session cover lunch time).


As decluttering and organising can be physically and emotionally demanding, regular breaks will be incorporated into the session (5-10 minutes every two hours).  An unpaid lunch break will be taken during sessions lasting five or six hours, the length of which will be mutually agreed by the client and Let’s Get Organised. 

Working practices

Let’s Get Organised are happy to undertake some light cleaning to assist the decluttering and reorganising process.  However, please note that Let’s Get Organised do not provide a cleaning service.

Let’s Get Organised cannot move or lift very large items of furniture for Health and Safety reasons. If this is required, it may be sensible to arrange a willing volunteer.

Removal of items

Let’s Get Organised aims to promote recycling of the client’s possessions, wherever suitable and offer advice on different options for disposal or sale. Removal of items from the client’s home will only take place with the clients authorisation at the end of the session.  The client is responsible for all or any items disposed of in the decluttering and organising process.

Disclaimer & Best Advice

Advice is given in good faith.  It is always the client’s decision to accept and follow any advice given. Let’s Get Organised cannot therefore accept responsibility for any actions the client takes on that advice.

Let’s Get Organised handles items with care and holds full liability & professional indemnity insurance.  However, accidents do happen and in the case of accidental damage or loss, the client agrees that Let’s Get Organised will not be held liable for any loss or damage, howsoever caused.

Payment terms

A £25 fee is required for all in-home consultation visits prior to a service booking.  The visit usually lasts between 45 to 60 minutes and provides the client with the opportunity to discuss their needs and identify what is to be achieved. This also allows Let’s Get Organised to carry out an assessment of the work required and to create an action plan to be agreed by the client.  This initial consultation fee will be deducted from the overall fee when a minimum of a 3-hour session is booked.

Let’s Get Organised charges an hourly rate of £25 to the nearest 15 minutes. Working hours will be calculated from the time of arrival at the client’s home until departure (and not for a lunch break should the session cover lunch time). Any time for disposing of items to the Charity Shop is added. 

Payment is required in full at the end of each daily session and can be made in cash or by bank transfer.

Travel Costs

Where travel is necessary or time is spent running errands (dropping items at charity shops), mileage is included up to 15 miles from the Let’s Get Organised office address, any trip over 15 miles will be charged 45p per mile thereafter. This will be discussed during the consultation.

Cancellation Policy

Let’s Get Organised and the client have the right to cancel the contract due to unforeseen circumstances. If an in-home consultation visit or a professional organising and decluttering session is cancelled within 7 days, a £25.00 cancellation fee will be required.

Termination of Contract

Let’s Get Organised reserves the right to withdraw the service at any time without notice, due to undisclosed or unforeseen circumstances.


If the client engages Let’s Get Organised to work at a location and access is restricted, Let’s Get Organised reserve the right to charge for the lost time and expenses incurred.

Please indicate your acceptance of these terms by printing and signing this document and return by email to katie@letsgetorganised.co.uk or at the commencement of the initial consultation.