How it works

Step 1


  • An initial free phone call (up to 30 minutes) – this gives us an opportunity to discuss the reasons why you’ve got in touch.  If you’re happy, we can then book a consultation visit.
  • The consultation visit takes up to 1 hour and is the perfect time to talk more about the help you need and identify your goals. I charge £25 for this consultation, this is deducted from the overall project fee if a booking is made.
  • I then develop an action plan, this will include your goals and identify the things we’re going to do to achieve them.  It will also include timescales and costs for you to consider. Once you’re happy we can proceed.
  • I will ask you to sign the terms & conditions and we’ll then arrange our first session.

Step 2

Let the decluttering commence!

  • The duration of a decluttering and organising session should be a minimum of 2 hours.  This is so that we can build momentum and start seeing results.  I suggest that the session doesn’t last any longer than 6 hours, as decluttering can be physically and emotionally draining.  I will ensure we work at a pace that suits you and that we take plenty of breaks.
  • During the session, I will help you make decisions about what to keep, gift, sell, donate and discard.  Once these decisions have been made, we can then start organising, storing and making your space feel clearer.
  • After the session, I can take items for donation to a charity of your choice.

Step 3

Review and Reflect

  • Once the project has finished we will discuss your experience and review your original goals to see what you’ve achieved.
  • It’s now up to you to maintain your clutter free and organised space, with a little help and support from me.  I’ll get in touch 2-4 weeks after the project to see how things are going and to provide tips on how to maintain your new space.

For more information or to book, please contact me here.